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Decision made

2012-01-01 10:11:43 by TankofDestruction

I've decided through much experience and thoughts of the whole switching accounts thing, and it's just not working out the way i had planned. I'm sorry for the confusion but I've decided to KEEP the animations on this account and not switch accounts for many reasons. The whole account switching just isn't going to fly like I had hoped before because I have realized some things, I'll keep that to myself. In the future I still will have a website named Cinemikel, but I'll create a section just for the purpose of the animations you see here on Newgrounds! If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Again sorry for any confusion, TankofDestruction will remain! ,')

Decision made

New account.

2011-12-29 12:33:26 by TankofDestruction

I have created a new account for my animations. It will be the new area of where I put my animations. The full description of whats happening and why, is on my new account, "Cinemikel" here is the link to the page-
If there are any questions, go to Cinemikel's page and leave a message! Thanks for any support or understanding.

Mario's Destiny, Part 3 on the way!

2011-10-09 21:38:36 by TankofDestruction

It has been coming along, slowly, but surely, with just a couple scenes left to make and a few adjustments to be made. Expect it to come eventually, i havent quit on it ever. I just need to organize my VA and put priorities straight. Once in the clear im good to go. Heres a sneak pic of the next episode.

Mario's Destiny, Part 3 on the way!

back in business

2011-09-11 14:15:56 by TankofDestruction

my computer has finally been repaired after over a month and half of being broken. but now that its back, im back in animation once more! MD3 will be done as quick as i can without diminishing graphics. Dont worry i havent stopped working on that!


2011-07-30 20:40:52 by TankofDestruction

my computer's been broken for over a week and i havent animated since. but i will get back to it as soon as i can.

happiness :DD

2011-07-18 10:58:00 by TankofDestruction

thanks guys for my first award in animation. my "exciting bike" has recently gotten a daily 5th prize. i shall strive to make more good animation!

New movie just released! Called Exciting Bike. Check it out!

New movie

2011-04-13 16:25:28 by TankofDestruction

i just released a new test to practice animation skills and it just got approved for ads. Its called kirby vs zero. it took about a week to two weeks and i think its pretty good and if u dont think so, please tell me how to improve!

// 5

Toonboom didnt work out so well so im with flash all the way! (and swift 3D) i just finished a little battle scene between kirby and zero just for practice for special effects and overall animation quailty. i will release it very soon and when i do please tell me way i could improve my animation. any help is accepted! and no i didnt give up on MD. its just a slow process getting through it.


2010-10-02 22:35:53 by TankofDestruction

I've been slowly working on the third episode. II have decided to add voices into the movie and i have gotten some voice actors for some of the characters. There is a possibility that i might be increasing my skill of animation by adding toon boom into the picture. The teacher is going to help me learn toon boom for great use. So thats 3 programs in all to be the best i can be for animation and graphics. School has been getting in my way a lot but thats ok because while im at school, I write in my flash notebook where i write my story for this movie. Its been a while since i sent out an episode, sorry if any one cares about my movie. Im not stopping the parody im just taking my time to make it great not trying to be in a rush becuse rushing causes bad quality. Patience is the key. ,')