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Decision made

2012-01-01 10:11:43 by TankofDestruction

I've decided through much experience and thoughts of the whole switching accounts thing, and it's just not working out the way i had planned. I'm sorry for the confusion but I've decided to KEEP the animations on this account and not switch accounts for many reasons. The whole account switching just isn't going to fly like I had hoped before because I have realized some things, I'll keep that to myself. In the future I still will have a website named Cinemikel, but I'll create a section just for the purpose of the animations you see here on Newgrounds! If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Again sorry for any confusion, TankofDestruction will remain! ,')

Decision made


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2012-01-01 14:21:34


TankofDestruction responds:



2012-01-28 19:11:45

What's in a name?


2013-05-21 14:32:43

mario's destiny part 3